If you have been in the futures game for any amount of time chances are you have heard of Vegas Dave. It is hard to get around his reputation and influence in Las Vegas. Casinos have changed their betting policies due to his huge success betting in their sports bars. One thing is for certain, Vegas Dave knows how to pick winners.  Casinos do have a reputation for being sore losers after all.

Who is Vegas Dave?

Vegas Dave, or Dave Oancea, is the “Futures King.”

He moved from Honolulu to Las Vegas back in the early 2000s and has spent the last 15 years learning the ins and outs of sports betting. When he first arrived, Dave attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and took out a $10,000 student loan. Dave quickly doubled this amount betting red on roulette.

With his newly acquired $20,000, Dave was able to begin his sports betting career in earnest. This is not to say Dave became a success overnight. In fact, he spent two months in Gamblers Anonymous after losing all of his money. He borrowed money from his parents just to make ends meet, but every success story begins with struggle.

Dave’s financial woes ultimately stemmed from a lack of money management, rather than poor bets. Over time his money management skills got better, and at one point he was betting over $100,000 a week on sports. Dave has since retired from betting and now works as a betting consultant, selling his picks.

Vegas Dave’s Picks

Over the past several years Vegas Dave has made bets that most people in the sports betting world would have agreed were utterly crazy, and it has paid off for him. Back in 2012, for example, betting on NFL futures he bet $8,000 on the Ravens to win the Super Bowl. The Ravens were in dead last to win with +800 odds. That didn’t stop Vegas, Dave. He ended up winning and cashed in for $208,000.

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Vegas Dave Bets on the Red Sox

The next year in 2013 Dave bet on the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series at the start of the All-Star Break. He was wagering at +1,000 odds. Dave put $30,000 on the line and came out $340,000 richer as a result.

Texas Rangers

In 2015 Dave did it again. He bet on the Texas Rangers to win the AL West at the beginning of the All-Star Break. This time Dave bet a mind-numbing $80,000. He took home a massive payout of $580,000. At the time of his bet, the Texas Rangers were in last place. ESPN only gave them a 0.05% chance of winning the AL West.

Kansas City Royals

That same year Dave took yet another long shot bet and bet on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series just a week into the season. At the time most experts expected the Kansas City Royals to finish dead last in the AL Central. With a single bet, Dave turned $100,000 into just shy of $2.5 million. This was and will remain, the largest payout in futures history. In fact, it was this bet that was the beginning of the end for such large payouts.

vegas dave kansas city

Atlanta Falcons

The next year, in 2016, Dave placed another large bet, this time on the Atlanta Falcons to win the NFC. The odds were 10-1 against him, but Dave placed his bet anyway and was rewarded with a payout of $2 million. As a result of Dave’s success, sportsbooks will no longer allow such large payouts. Casinos changed the way they handle future bets because they couldn’t keep up with Dave’s success.

Holly Holm

Vegas Dave’s sports betting career has also reached the realm of UFC. Dave bet on Holly Holm to beat then-undefeated UFC women’s champion, Rhonda Rousey. Dave bet against the odds at +1,100. When Rousey lost that match, Dave certainly won, taking home $240,000 on a $20,000 bet. This was yet another record payout set by Vegas Dave, but he wasn’t done there. In 2016 Dave set another NFL payout record by betting that the Denver Broncos would win the Super Bowl before the first snap had even happened. At the time of his bet, the bookies had set the odds at +1,600. Dave made a cool $2.3 million.

Meisha Tate

Never one to settle, Dave broke his own record for a UFC payout only three months later when he bet on Miesha Tate to beat Holly Holms. Dave got a $300,000 payout as a result.

Why Did Vegas Dave Stop Betting?

When Vegas Dave picks a team to bet on, he bets big. This means he wins big, and casinos don’t like betting against people who win big.

They want you to lose, lose, and lose some more so that they can take your money without having to pay out. Similar to getting caught counting cards, casinos got tired of Dave’s impressive winnings and banned him from the books. Dave was simply too good at what he does for them to deal with, so like a child throwing a tantrum, they kicked him out.

What is Vegas Dave’s Net Worth?

It’s no question that Vegas Dave is loaded. Since arriving in Vegas almost 20 years ago, Vegas Dave has gone from flat broke to having an estimated net worth of well over $10,000,000. That’s right, Vegas Dave’s net worth is over 10 million, most of it won through sports betting. These days Dave still makes a nice income by selling his picks to sports bettors who are still welcome at casinos.

Is Vegas Dave a Scam?

Of course, you have to ask, is Vegas Dave a scammer? Well, given his track record it is safe to say, no, Vegas Dave knows what he is doing. After all, if he were placing large bets and losing in Vegas, even with the occasional odd win for absurd amounts, casinos would welcome him with open arms. Remember, casinos want you to lose and will go to great lengths to keep bettors away from a winning strategy. Vegas Dave has developed precisely that, a winning strategy.

Does Vegas Dave win every bet he places? No, no one will ever have a 100% success rate, but you do not need to win every bet. If you look at Vegas Dave’s net worth, that alone speaks volumes. Even after losing everything, he was able to come back and have a net worth of over $10 million.

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Vegas Dave Gets Banned

As always, once someone starts winning in a casino, they are banned. This is precisely what happened to Dave. Dave is no longer welcome to place sports bets at any casino in Vegas, simply because he is good at what he does. Imagine being banned from your job simply because you are the best at what you do.

Most casinos will not even allow bets as large as Dave often played anymore because they know that they could lose big on just one or two wagers. The odds of being banned like Dave are relatively low now due to the changes in how casinos handle sports bets. In general, you will have a cap on how much you can wager on any one bet.

When you are down on your luck and losing more than you are winning, the casino will likely raise this cap so they can take more of your money; however, the inverse is also true, when you are winning they will quickly reduce your cap to cut their own loses.

Vegas Dave Takes to Social Media

These days Dave no longer places bets himself, after all, how can you place a bet when everyone refuses to bet against you? You can still see Dave’s success for yourself by following Vegas Dave on Instagram, where he will occasionally even offer free picks to his followers. The same is available on Vegas Dave’s Twitter.

It takes confidence in yourself to provide your services for free, but that is exactly what Dave is doing, and why not? What better way to show that you know your stuff than to offer a free sample here and there? Vegas Dave isn’t afraid to give free advice at times simply because he is good at what he does, and he knows that once you see his success, you will be back for more.

Vegas Dave Makes Good Bets, But What Are All These Numbers?

For those who are unfamiliar with the world of sports betting, the initial onslaught of numbers can seem overwhelming. Some are self-explanatory, such as 10-1 odds, but what are +800 odds? How do you know what kind out payout you can expect if you win? What are futures? For the uninitiated, this can all seem quite daunting. Thankfully, once you understand a few basics, it is actually straightforward and easy to figure out. At least how sports betting works, that is.

First, what are those +400 odds? Why do some show -100 odds? The easiest way to understand is with an example. If the Dallas Cowboys are playing the Denver Broncos then you might see something like this on the wagering boards:

395 Broncos +225

396 Cowboys -6 -200 42

The Spread, the Money Line, and the Over Under

Starting with the Cowboys: -6 means that they are favored to win, but must win by at least seven points for your bet to pay out. Simple enough, right? The next number, in this case -200, is the money line. This means the Cowboys are favored to win two to one. The last digits are the expected score over/under at the end of the game.

The number in front of each team name is the team number. You will need to know this number to place your bet. It is merely for tracking bets and does not influence the odds.

There are a couple of different bets you can place depending on the type of wager you want. You can bet using the points spread by “laying the points,” or you can “take the points.” If you decide to lay the points, then you are betting that the Cowboys will win by at least 7 points. If you take the points, then you are betting that the Broncos will either win or will lose by five points or less. If the Cowboys win by six points, the game is considered a push and neither side lose their bet.

Know the Straight Bet

You will also need to know the straight bet the bookie pays. For example, if the straight bet is 11/10, then you will need to bet 10% more than you hope to make. So, if you wanted to win $100, you would have to bet $110. This is how your bookie makes his money. Essentially, you are paying 10% to place your bet. So, if you place a $110 bet and someone else makes the same wager for the other team, then when you win you will collect $210. This leaves $10 for the bookie. This is called the vigorish, and it is how your bookie makes money even if he has to pay out.

Last, don’t forget to tip. When you do get a payout, you are expected to tip about 5%. While this is obviously not required, it is expected and refusing to tip will likely get you more than a few dirty looks from the staff at the sportsbooks. Plus, good tippers are more likely to get free drinks while they are watching the game. It is better to have a good reputation with the staff than to be known as the guy who doesn’t tip. After all, who wants to take bets for the guy that is too cheap even to lay down a tip?

Making Money Sports Betting

Unlike many forms of gambling such as slots and roulette, sports betting is something that you can actually influence the outcome of if you know what you are doing. When it comes to gambling at a casino, there are some games that you should just avoid. The worst of these are slot machines and roulette wheels. This is because, no matter how well you understand the game, you cannot alter the odds. Sure, some bets on the roulette wheel are safer than others, but you can’t study the game and make informed predictions.

If by some chance you do manage to track the odds on a roulette wheel, then the chances are good that casino security is going to come and kick you out. Likewise, you could quickly learn to count cards to hedge your bets in poker or blackjack, but casinos are sore losers. When it comes to regular casino games, nothing is too low for the house to stoop to, but sports betting is different.

To break even when sports betting, you need to collect on 52.4% of your bets. Yes, you have to win almost 5% more often than you lose just to break even. Don’t let that discourage you, though. If you are betting on sports, then the chances are good that you are already a fan of the sport you are betting on and not just a casual gambler. This means that you can, and should, use your knowledge of the game to calculate your bets.

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Stick to What You Know

The best thing to do when you are making your own sports bets is to stick to what you know. Don’t bet on baseball if you have never watched a game. Likewise, don’t make a future bet for who will win the Super Bowl if you haven’t watched football since high school. The more informed you are when placing your bet, the better your results will be.

Back to that, 52.4%. That is what you must win to break even on your bets, but what constitutes a profitable bettor? How often do you have to win to be considered good at what you are doing? 55%. While this may seem low to the casual bettor, a 55% winning ratio means that you are actually making money on your bets.

Since this is such a close win/lose percentage that means that in order to truly make a profit, you must make bets large enough to pay out well when you do win. Don’t think this is particularly low either. Remember, bookies set the odds to make a profit. To win 55% of the time is considered doing well in professional sports bettor circles.

But What About Handicappers Who Boast 99% Win Rates?

Don’t be fooled by handicappers who claim they can offer you a 99% win rate. While they may be able to achieve this, you won’t make any money by placing these bets. This is because the odds are going to be set at 100:1 on these bets. So, if you bet $100, you would only win $1. You would have to bet absurd amounts of money to make any profit in this way, and a single loss at such high amounts would be devastating.

Say you wanted to make $100 per bet. You will win 99% of the time, but you have to bet $10,000 just to make that $100 from a single bet. So, if you decided to take your $10,000 and make a series of “safe” bets to make some money, but on your third bet, you lose. The odds were in your favor, but your luck ran out. Now you have made $200 but lost $10,000. Even with a 99% success rate, you are not going to win. That is why it is essential to focus on winning over 52.4% of the time, and also to make your bets count by betting an amount that will pay out nicely.

How Can You Make Money Like Vegas Dave?

If you are like most sports bettors, then the chances are good that you have lost your fair share of money to casinos and betting websites. Sure, the occasional win may come your way, but consistent winning has never been in the cards, so to speak. Thus, the question is, how can you make serious money by betting on futures and other sports bets?

Making money with sports betting is part art, part science, but some people just seem to have a knack for it. Chances are, you aren’t one of them. Only 1% of people actually manage to make serious money on their own through sports betting. People like Vegas Dave can place a bet and forget it. They have confidence in their picks, but most people don’t have this gift and end up stressing over their bets. Sometimes for months at a time depending on how far in advance the bet is being placed.

That is not to say that you can’t make money like Dave. Vegas Dave’s picks are legendary, but he isn’t the only one who can offer top picks. If you want to make money like Dave does, you need a proven system…

Enter: ZCode

If you want to make money betting on sports, your best option is to not rely on other people at all. Instead, put your faith in computers. Properly coded, computers can analyze statistics from players and teams across several seasons in the blink of an eye. This is precisely what the team over at ZCode has done.

Check this out – ZCode has over 16,000 picks that have been published so far. It has absolutely crushed it!

ZCode is not a person, it is an AI built specifically to make sports predictions, and it does so very well. In fact, ZCode offers 100% transparency and will allow you to see its past performance before you sign up.

The team behind ZCode consists of 21 programmers who have spent over two years getting it ready. Average salaries for each of these programmers is over $200,000 because ZCode only hires the best people to make sure that its system is the best available.

What makes ZCode different from handicappers, aside from the fact that ZCode has been developed based on computer algorithms, rather than human calculations, is that ZCode does not focus on win rates. They focus on the profitability of bets. Because of this, Zcode has profited nearly $1,000,000 since it started tracking it’s picks.

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Can Anyone Make Money Betting on Sports?

Yes, if you follow a well-planned betting strategy, such as what ZCode offers, anyone can make money betting on their favorite sports. While most people will never reach the level of success of Vegas Dave on their own, there are numerous services and handicappers that will sell you their picks and can help you win big.